Monday, March 17, 2008

On to Paris!!!

I am now on a train enroute to Paris. Mom and I left Bishop in Lisieux since he felt he was not fit to travel, and that he would be better off going straight to the airport from Lisieux. So we're probably going to be meeting him tomorrow around lunch time at the airport to say goodbye before Mom and I proceed to Nevers.

This morning, Mom and I went to mass at the Abri St Therese across the street. It's a small chapel set up temporarily since the Carmel Monastery chapel is currently being renovated. Afterwards, I dragged Mom up the street across the Carmel Monastery so that I could take photos for Japa, hehehe. It was the best view I could find, and I tried taking some pics WITHOUT construction equipment in the foreground! :)

By the time I next update this entry, I would have had a chance to finally connect to the internet in Paris!!!


Anonymous said...

have fun in pareeh, ate! i've been thinking about you and tita shalene. so nice to read about your adventures. enjoy! peach

Buge said...

Hi Rona! Just dropping by to say Hi! Happy easter and enjoy your trip! Ingat!