Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dad in ACSU

Oooookaaaaay. Didn't wake up in time to get ready to go to the wedding. Japa didn't even wake me, figuring I slept really late last night......or rather, this morning! Sigh! Oh well. I rush out of bedm took a shower and just made it to go to the hospital in time to make visiting hours.

The Acute Stroke Unit is very strict with visiting hours. Only 9-11 am and 5-7 pm. Then they send you away. Of course, we try and linger when we can, hehehehe, and sometimes we're successful, sometimes we're not. Anyway, it was good that we have a couple of nurses in our employ. One of the nurses was able to stay inside the ACSU with Dad the whole night. As in the ACSU nurses didn't bother sending him out. I guess they figured with a personal nurse, Dad was one less patient they had to worry about monitoring too much. So Mom was feeling better because of that, that at least Dad had someone he knew in the room with him whenever he'd wake up.

Dad was very drowsy, understandably. Must be the drugs they gave him for the seizure and the sedative to calm him down for the CT scan. He drifted in and out of sleep when I was there. The times he was awake though, he seemed pretty strong. He was able to lift his shoulder from the bed and make as if to sit up! That is strong for him! I was just looking in wonderment at the whole thing, hoping of course, that it would be just like that when this was all over.

After visiting hours, we all trooped to La Vista to have some lunch. We just hung around afterwards, until it was time to leave for the hospital at past 4 pm. And we stayed as long as we could at the ACSU.

Dad appeared so much stronger, talking much much clearer than ever! His words weren't slurred at all, he was following the conversations closely. It was awesome! :) I was telling Mom that maybe the seizure had reversed something in Dad, that he was stronger, hehehe. Far fetched, and medically impossible of course, but hey, there's always a miracle, right?

I was able to scrap today since I guess I have jet lag still!

LOVING IT (HER CHOCOLATE CROISSANT)I had fun taking these photos of my dear mother, who was trying to hide how much she was enjoying her chocolate croissant in the subway! Hahahahaha!

As we stepped off the Metro at the George V station, the smell of freshly baked croissant greeted us. Mom HAD to have a HOT piece of chocolate croissant - straight from the oven and NOT from the shelf, thank you very much - before heading out into the area of the Arc de Triomphe to take photos. She was LOVING her impromptu meal so much, I had to take her picture even if she tried to avoid the camera!



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