Friday, March 14, 2008

In Dubai

It is 6:46 am in Dubai, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. A huuuuge steel structure of an airport, it was already teeming with people at 5 am, when we landed from Manila. As in...there were people manning the information desks and the countless duty free shops, the restaurants, the restrooms. It was a bustling airport this early in the morning! Amazing!

All I can say is, with the amount of people in the airport, thank goodness we had access to the Business Lounge of Emirates. It's a lot more quiet here, but full of people still. Even the kids are quiet :) Ahhhhh!

The flight wasn't too bad. Bishop, Mom and I pretty much slept the entire way through. The seats were nice, but weren't that big and plush, for business class. I mean, my HIPS were almost touching the sides!!!! So yes, the seats aren't wide enough, hehehehe! But the controls were fun to play with, we had our own mini tv screen with hundreds of movies at our fingertips. Oh, and the kids, especially Rogan and Riley would probably die than go to sleep and waste exploring the video games that could be accessed! Way cool, I thought.

The overhead bins were EXTREMELY large. Both our rollers (Mom and mine) could fit side-by-side in them! Whoa! Although Briggs and Riley traveling luggage would be cool to have, our semi-humongo rollers were fine as they were and didn't pose a problem with the "hatrack" space above. Yeah---that's what they call it. Not sure why though....we sure as heck didn't have hats! Hehehehe. Bishop, on the other hand, had his hat handy. For the cold, he said. :)

So here we sit in the Lounge, with an hour or so more of waiting. And you guessed it, free intenet, YEAH!

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