Sunday, March 30, 2008

Visiting Dad

I thankfully woke up early, at 7:48 am. I jumped out of bed to rush and take a shower to make the 8 am mass so I could make visiting hours at the hospital. Japa and the kids had gone to mass last night because we had dinner afterwards with his family (Jopie's graduation dinner), so it was just me by my lonesome at mass.

Dad was looking and acting much better today. He complained why he was in this God-forsaken hospital. I looked at him and told him that hello! He was at one of the best hospitals in the country! I guess he was looking at the cramped room and the lack of TV, the lack of a couch, the lack of visiting space, hehehehe. Yup, back to being the old Dad!

But his speech stayed nice and clear, he was very alert today as well. He talked with everyone, and stayed with the conversation. Sure, he would drop off to sleep sometimes all of a sudden, but the doctors said it was still because of the effects of the meds he was on. I guess he was still being given some anti-seizure medication that made him sleepy. But things were progressing well, although we still didn't know what caused him to have a seizure the other day.


I did quite a few layouts today, since I wanted that coveted coupon over at SSD, hehehe. So I'm making up for lost time!

THE METROThe Paris METRO was an incredible subway system. With 14 different train lines, along with 8 other local trains connected to it, the Metro was a labyrinth! But Mom and I managed to find our way through the Metro maze to go to so many tourist spots! It was fun trying to figure out where we would stop and what connecting train we would take. We felt like true Parisiennes as we bought tickets, took the Metro and emerged onto our correct exits, victorious!

Raegan did very well in her first ever aquathlon, finishing 17th out of 32 girls in the 12 and under category. She was nervous and excited, not knowing what to expect for her first ever run, but she did the 400m swim and 2.5k run in 34:06.


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