Monday, September 15, 2008

Hospital Bound

Just a quick off to the hospital to see Dad. He was rushed to the ER yesterday early morning because he said he couldn't breathe. Good thing he's strong enough nowadays; he can actually tell that his body isn't working the way it should.

Most of us were the hospital the whole day yesterday. Forgetting to eat properly, too, which was why I had the beginnings of a headache at about 8 pm. Time to go home. Dad was being ornery, and was louder than a bunch of Sebo vacuums in concert. Sigh. He refused to eat (after a certain point), he was cussing (at Mom, too!), and he was kicking (me)....trying to get down the bed! Ack! Definitely NOT a pretty sight to behold, let me tell you! Mom told us to leave the ICU room so that Dad wouldn't have an audience to "perform" in front of. Sigh! Typical Dad.

The good thing was, at least he was fighting and was talking clearly. The important thing is that he SHOULD be getting oxygen in him....and I'm off to see if he did just that overnight.


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