Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Sisterhood Challenge Begins Anew!

Yup, the Challenge has started again! :) It took Bang to start her pages again, and boom, the rest of us followed. Hehehe. She with the one child. Hahahaaha! Oh, and Stella has joined us, finding the new hobby of digiscrapping quite addicting, from what I hear! Welcome to the club, Stel! Hehehe.

I have the 6th month pages of Raegan and Rogan here:



We are more than halfway done for the kiddos' First Year Album!!! Whoohoohooo!!!

Ok, off to download the heck out of the internet again. Crossing my fingers the kids won't notice, LOL! Yeah, right! They now assume that whenever the connection is slow (or not as fast as they like), that *I* and my downloading are to blame!!! Hmp!

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