Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Feeling Not-So-Good

Ugh. Everyone's getting sick at home.....at least, the girls are. Raegan woke up Sunday morning feeling awful. She was lethargic and quiet. So we had her take some pain reliever/fever reducer and she got a little bit better. Sunday night she had cough AND colds. Not a good combination. But she had that field trip yesterday and couldn't miss it (which was mainly a reason why I decided to go with her).

But bad Mama totally forgot to take Raegan's meds with her on the trip! Ack! Luckily, the teachers had a first aid kit and there were some acetaminophen that Raegan could take. The poor kid was pale and quiet, very unlike herself. Good thing it was quite a drive to Bulacan; she at least got a lot of rest yesterday, that's for sure. Even in-between places to visit, she took her little catnaps. These helped her get better today, I think, so we just have the colds and the cough to worry about now.

Raine on the other hand, woke up feeling nauseous this morning. And she had a major headache. On one side of the head. Which meant only one thing: migraine. Sigh! So I told her to eat breakfast first and then we would deal with her migraine. I gave her some tempra and reminded her to take more when she got home from school.

When I got home in the evening, both girls were up and about and were generally feeling better. They skipped swimming again, leaving Rogan to go by himself . At least they got a lot of rest from missing swimming. Good thing they got sick now, instead of in November when their swimming competition is!

While both girls seem on the mend (cross your fingers!!!), Mama isn't doing so hot. I woke up with a humongous migraine, so much so that I could barely get up. My head was about as big as my bed, hehehehe! Seriously! Anyway, I hurriedly popped in my Excedin pills and waited the 15-20 minutes before the meds started working. When I was done with my shower, me head was loads better.

In the office, I tried concentrating where I could, but I seemed to be having the chills. Normally, it was just not cold in our little office. But today, I had goosebumps the whole day! Sheesh! Then my eyes started watering in the late afternoon and I knew I just had to take some Tylenol. Aaargh! Oh well. Better now than when we're in Hong Kong this weekend, right?

Say a little prayer, please, that all of these bad germs pass through our house and that it doesn't hit the boys at all! We know that we do NOT want ANY of the high-need boys to feel sick!!! No no no! Anything but that! Hehehehe.

Good night, and hopefully when I wake tomorrow, my migraine will have disappeared. Somewhere.

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