Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kiddo Photoshoot

Zharine texted me last night asking if she could "borrow" the kids for a photoshoot. It was for the launching of her new magazine. Well! Who was I to say no to some media exposure for the kids?!? Hehehehe. No talent fee, but hey, with the yummy cupcakes that Zharine brought to Zhar's shower last month, I was set!!!

I pulled the girls from swimming training, bad Mama. Hehehe. But they had fun (and were TOO full, with the ice cream and cake set out before them!). And because they were big girls, Zharine put them to "work" as teenagers!!! Ok fine, tweeners I guess would be the proper term for that now. The ---ahem---politically correct term. Whatever. It was funny to see them pose and smile in an instant, and then go back to having serious faces the next :) Good exposure, good practice. Especially in not being camera-shy! Think of all the great scrappable pics I'd have if they'd have this down to a tee, eh???

Thank goodness the whole shoot was in an airconditioned place! It was a big venue, and I'm sure the ac compressor was working overtime, but it was nice and cool for us parents waiting in the wings. Coupled with some ice cream cones, it was quite a refreshing few hours, hehehe.

No pics from the shoot, but I'm sure Elizza will be uploading them soon. Somewhere. Hint! Hint!!! Hehe.

I do have some scraps to show off though, some Hong Kong Disneyland ones:


Oh, a very HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY to RILEY!!!!


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