Sunday, September 21, 2008


Nasal Gastric Tube. Am pretty sure that's what NGT means, without having to look it up :) It's this tube that goes from a person's nostrils, into the throat, into the stomach. Bypassing the lungs completely. It's to help a patient avoid getting food or liquid in the lungs because of weak throat muscles, resulting in aspiraiton pneumonia.

Dad had to have this done, to force him to get better, and to remove the incidence of having a repeat of his pneumonia. Surprisingly, he had agreed to have this done; normally, he'd be fighting and insisting on a PEG (a tube that goes straight into the stomach, with a little bit extending outside the body. Gross sounding, I know, but my description is worse than how it really is, hehehe).

Anyhoo, Dad took the presence of this foreign tube inside of him calmly. He was still on oxygen, so the NGT wasn't such a big deal in his nose than if it were the only tube going inside of him. Eldon made me listen when air was being pumped inside the tube (to check). I heard a whooshing sound when the stethoscope was on Dad's tummy and on his throat. But there was absolutely no sound when the 'scope was on his chest. It was just quiet, the way it should be.

Got home very late, as usual, not even early enough to see the kids. Sigh.

Just a short update and some uploading of some recent scraps that hadn't been seen here :)

Ok. Am pooped.

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