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Out of curiosity, I checked my blog stats from the Blog Party, and the numbers just surprised me! Hehehe. What a way to get blog traffic eh? I get an average of 60 visits a day, I think (if I'm reading my stats correctly, lol), and I have no way of knowing if those are unique visits or not..but I do know my regular blog visitors: all 5 of them, hahahaha!

But thanks to Zakirah's Merdeka! kit's giveaway on the Team's blog party, my numbers jumped to 198 on August 31 ---that's Merdeka Day here in Southeast Asia--- and to a whopping 257 on September 1 ---when most in the US and Europe joined the blog party!!! I never get those kinds of numbers!

Oh, and thanks to Maria of DigiFree who listed my free quickpage made with the Merdeka! kit on her site, the numbers are still up. To those who downloaded the QP, I hope you like it and use it for your scrapbooks! You can still scrolldown a couple of posts to grab it; I'm leaving the link on there for a little bit.


I spent the day with Raegan and her batchmates on a fieldtrip to Bulacan. Yes, Bulacan. Probably my first trip there; at least, one that I remember and where I willingly went! Hehehe. I was intrigued by our itinerary and the cultural tour guide, Des Bautista.

Anyway, I took Doods' CRV and drove. I didn't realize how much I miss driving; speeding through the roads with no traffic. The North Expressway was pretty much empty except for our convoy of 8 vans and SUVs. It was pretty fun. I did talk to a couple of the drivers and told ---pleaded, really--- to NOT NOT NOT lose me and to make sure I was in their sight at ALL times since I had absolutely NOT idea where we were going and how to get there! Hehehe. They were very nice and were always on the lookout for me, which made the almost-2-hour drive bearable.

Our first stop was supposed to be to see this old lady who still made pastillas wrappers the old-fashioned way. However, Des told us that the lady had called him earlier today and said she wasn't feeling Des just led us to the Bulacan Garden showing the kids plants and trees. The kids weren't all that into it: first it was sooooo hot and sunny, it was almost unbearable! And second, I guess they weren't all into the names of plants. Which was a pity, I thought. I remember when we were on a road trip with Doods and he kept pointing out to the kids trees on the way and telling them what it was and some story behind the name or the tree or the fruit. It was very interesting and entertaining.

The kids' attention were caught when Des mentioned some plant being more than 2 million years old....suddenly, he was surrounded by 40 eager faces peering at the ground. Hahahaha. I think he did that on purpose. He explained that that particular plant (sorry, couldn't remember what it was called) was part of the plant family that came from the plants oh-so-many-million-years-ago because they were stiff and hard. Probably what the dinosaurs ate. Oookaaay. No matter, it captured the kids' attention and diverted their thoughts from the heat and the sweat running down their faces. That wily old man! Hehehehe.

After the garden, we went to the house and shrine of Marcelo H. del Pilar, which housed the papers from La Solidaridad, the Filipino revolutionary paper. Then it was on to the Church of Bulacan, some Museum that was being renovated, which featured our National Artists, the Shrine of St. Anne, and the Church of Barasoain. I'm too tired to list everything that we did today.....driving 2 hours there and back, in the company of 40 boisterous kids will sap anyone's strength. Add to that the HEAT, and that was it. I have a migraine coming, and it is HUGE!


Just a quick upload of a Palawan page I did a couple of days ago and never got to post here:


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