Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Interview Day

Yes, I had 3 interviews to do today. A couple for replacing one of our preggy staff members, Susan, who's due sometime next month, and another for an additional utility/messenger at the Site Office

I also computed the necessary small wage adjustment as mandated by law, had our second HR meeting with my measly staff of 2, hehehe, and sent out a bunch of memos.

All in all, a productive day at the office. Which of course meant that I wasn't able to scrap until after office hours! Hehehehe! No time really. And I sooooo badly needed to back up my files, and I didn't even have time for that while doing the interviews! Aaargh!

Oh well. At least I got a lot of things done.

I get home and I worked a bit on my new baby, the iMac. Just for a bit. I take a break for dinner and get back to the room to find the kids all over the Fun Booth and the iPhoto programs. They were taking loads of silly pictures! Kids! What's a mom to do, eh?

Japa uses the iMac to play his Generals game. Making a mental note to buy more mac games for this new baby. Although, come to think of it, the kids MAY corner my new toy for more hours on end, hehehehe. But I do need a good version of mac solitaire for me to while away on; not that I'd have that much free time, what with scrapping taking up all my free time pretty much!

But games --- any game! --- cost too much moolah nowadays. I remember forking over close to $50 per game for the Wii! Sheesh! I know computer games don't cost as much (do they?) but I'm assuming that mac games will cost a little bit more than the usual PC games. Sigh. Gotta try out those free mac games sites first and see if I like anything before deciding. Free is definitely GOOD! Suggestions would be great at this that *IF* I find the time, maybe I'd be up for a new mac game or two. *wink*

I have free time to scrap! LOL!


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