Thursday, August 30, 2007


Today's the day for Parent Teacher Conferences at the kids' school. Good thing the teachers are considerate; with 3 kids, it's not easy trying to schedule my PTCs to be one after the other, but they did! Apparently, they give priority to those with multi-kids (hehehe) and schedule those first. So I had my PTCs at 1030, 11, and 1130.

Let's see....

Teacher Cris had nothing bad to say about Raegan. My dear little miss motor mouth was the teacher's recess and lunch buddy! She says she loves talking to the teachers because they always have something interesting to say, hehehe. How's that, coming from a 9 year old? :)

Teacher Tess said Rogan was very good the first quarter. Only 2 separate incidents marred his otherwise perfect record. Sigh! I must admit, and I did, to Teacher Tess, that I came into the PTC EXPECTING to be told that Rogan had done and said something against the rules. I was pleasantly surprised to be told that there were only 2. This was a FAR cry from last year's countless incidents. So maybe Rogan's growing up. Yeah right, hehehe. I wish!

Oh, those incidents? One was for calling one of his best friends "stupid" and the other was for opening the gate leading to the stairs and other classrooms which the kids are not allowed to do for safety reasons. So nothing major as far as I'm concerned, but of course, these incidents will need to be processed with Rogan himself.

Teacher Kitkat had all praises for Raine. Learned fast, did her work well, and she was QUIET. Huh? Quiet? I have no quiet child! Hehehehe. Apparantly, Raine had befriended this new kid who was in another section last year and they hit it off. Angel seems to have a very positive effect on Raine. No incidents of yelling, name calling or bullying! Hallelujah!

ALL the kids had either an A or an A-. So yayayayayay!!! Many thanks to Bang and Zhar who reviewed them for the exams; the kiddos passed with flying colors! Whoohoohoo!!!

For the ADSR Challenge 4.

Journaling reads: As of this writing, 28 July 2007, some goals of mine include the following, in
no particular order, just a rambling of some random goals: Like: Travel the world. Lose a lot more weight. Have the kids eat more healthy foods. Smile often. Go on a hot air balloon ride. Be more patient. Take a trip down a river on a white-water raft. Go back to school and study something different. Exercise more. Go on a Disney cruise with my family. Take a Vacation in Alaska, in Florida, in the East Coast. Take the kids on an educational trip. Take voice lessons. Learn the flute, the violin, or the cello. Go back to teaching. Complete albums. Scrap some more.

Credits: kit - Lullabye by Rina Kroes at SBE; G photo frame - by Paula Duncan at SSD; alpha - Dustbunnies by Darcy Baldwin at The Digi Chick; font - Times New Roman, DJB Suzie by Darcy Baldwin at Blue Flombingo

What I love and hate about my husband's navigating skills.

Journaling reads: I love it when Japa is content to do the navigating while I do the driving during road trips in the States (especially when our car’s a Hummer!). But it drives me CRAZY whenever he forgets to give me the distance for each leg of the trip (so I can check the odometer) and whenever he mumbles the directions I can barely hear him!

Credits: kit - Nature's Beauty by Shannon Fahrnbach at Divine Digital; layered sketch, word art and interstate element - Vacation Brag Book Templates by Rina Kroes at SBE; stamped alpha - Grunged Up by Eve Recinella at SSD; yellow arrow circle - by Traci Reed; red arrow - by Meredith Fenwick; font - DJB Mandy by Darcy Baldwin at Blue Flombingo

The Wii calls. Hehehe.


Olivia said...

It was our pleasure to take care of your lovable and lambing (most of the time.. hehehe...) kids for you and japa. Fun goals, Te. And I must agree, you should go back to teaching. I think you're by nature a good teacher. It's so in you. :) I'm sure your students will only be too lucky. Love the bunched up flowers in the Japa LO. :)

Zharmagne said...

How funny how you described your kids. I wasn't surprised at about how well the 3 behave. I think Raine can be very sweet and nice. She just needs to be patient. something she will learn along the way. Rogan (rod's fave) is just really naughty by nature, raegan naman is so mature for her age. All 3 are very malambing nga.