Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Poem

Yeah, well, Boydee came up with this idea that everyone in the family sit down and scribble at least 8 lines on paper and deliver it in front of the entire family (plus some!) before Christmas dinner. Ooookay.

Not one to shirk from a challenge, here's one I came up with:

Christmas is Family

C - is for the Christ,
whose birthday we celebrate today.
We try to be like Him
each and everyday.

H - is for the Home
where we all gather.
Doesn't matter where it is,
just as long as we're together.

R - is for the relationships
we have with each other.
The closeness, the love,
the way we care for one another.

I - is for the Inspiration
that Mom and Dad give us all.
Their love, their faith, their marriage,
enduring everything big and small.

S - is for us Siblings
who come together and unite,
always looking for an excuse
to feed our incredible appetite!

T - is for Team,
which perfectly describes our family:
bonded, close, helping all members,
dedicating everything we do for the Almighty.

M - is for the Miracles
that we have witnessed through Dad;
living proof that prayer works
especially in this season of Feliz Navidad.

A - is for the Angels
who watch, guide and bless,
keeping us sane and patient
through all the holiday stress.

S - is for our Savior
who we always ask to be in our midst.
For His presence completes our Family
and we know we will always be blessed.

Not bad for a few hours' work eh? Hehehehe.

I've asked the rest of the family to submit their poems to me and I'll post them as I get them.

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Anonymous said...

Nifty poem Rona! Wishing you and your family a blessed 2009!