Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chuck E Cheese

We finally celebrated Bric's birthday! We all trooped to Chuck E Cheese to party, hehehe. Mom relieved me at the hospital for a few hours so I could be a kid again, hahahahaha! There was pizza galore, along with tokens for all the kids (big AND small kids of course!) and we all had a blast! The kids were running all over the place, putting in tokens here and there and grabbing their tickets.

I put the previous tickets in the gobbling machine and came out with a little bit over 1,200 tickets from a couple years ago! I have NO idea how many tickets the kids accumulated today alone, but they'll be doing plenty of "shopping" at the Chuck E Cheese counter before this trip ends for sure!

And with the amount of pizza slices I stuffed inside of me, all I can say is thank goodness I have my diet pills with me! Maybe not as powerful as Fentraphen, but hey, every little bit helps is what I say! And that yummy moist chocolate cake the Bric had was very divine...considering it was bought at the pizza parlor! :) Ahhhhhh!

After a fun-filled lunch, it was back to the hospital for me to spend the day with Dad.

{A Kind Soul}

At the Chuck E Cheese parking lot, Tita B apparently let drop an envelope with a huge wad of cash. Close to $1,000 worth! Sheesh! If it weren't for a kind soul who picked up the envelope and kept it for safekeeping until he actually saw people (us) go into the van and were apparently searching the van inside and out for that missing envelope, Tita B wouldn't have had a very merry Christmas at all! As it was, this guy came out and asked Rod and Zhar if they were missing something. They said yes, called Tita B for some details, which the guy verified. And he gave back the envelope WITH everything in it!!!!

Something like this doesn't happen quite often. It's definitely refreshing ---and humbling--- to know that there are STILL good, kind, honest souls at in this world of ours. I mean, really, it would have been soooo easy to just pick up that envelope and take everything in it and look at it as a godsend, right? Especially in these hard economic times!

But this guy put my faith back in people for sure by giving the money back. So to whoever it is (we had Zhar ask for the name and address), thank you not only for giving back Tita Belen's money, but for cementing the fact that we still live in a world where good people's actions make up for all the bad going on.

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