Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mantas Swim Meet Day 2

Last day of swimming races!

The girls had 4 events each, while Rogan had 2:
200m free - 2:46.58, 4th in heat (personal best) [splits: 0:36.82 - 0:42.73 - 0:45.02 - 0:41.82]
100m breast - 1:41.09, 6th in heat
50m fly - , 3rd in heat
50m free - , 5th in heat

200m free - 3:01.54, 4th in heat (PB!!!)
50m free - 0:37.96, 7th in heat

100m breast - 1:51.19 (PB) - DQ'd because she jumped too early :(
50m fly - 0:48.34, 4th in heat (PB)
100m back - 1:43.21, 5th in heat (PB)
50 free - 0:40.87, 6th in heat
And that's it! The Mantas Swim Meet 2009 is over. Overall, a pretty good showing, I thought, for everyone. For Raegan, for swimming well in a higher age group, placing in the upper middle of the pack. For Raine, for all those ribbons. Her DQ, by the way, is the EXACT event that she DQ'd in last year, hehehehe. Maybe she got TOO excited for the 100m breast?

And Rogan! Check out his time in the 200 free. His previous time was 3:24; he chopped off 23 seconds!!! The impetus? We told him that he'd earn double points towards a "real" Star Wars lightsaber if he could get his time down to a sub-3. And the wonder boy really swam his heart out. He didn't let up at all. When he finished, he automatically looked up at the time board, saw his 3:01, looked at us up in the stands and screamed in frustration (with a smile, sort of). Awwww. I told Japa that he really did swim all out, and we couldn't fault him for that. He swam very well. I guess all he needed was the proper, push. :)

With swimming over, time to think of more training, upcoming school, parlor time for hair, nails and the best acne treatment. Time to take Raegan (and maybe Raine) to the dermatologist to have some major cleaning done on all our faces. Walking in Hong Kong's busy streets (even if it is in provincial Tsuen Wan) isn't all that great for the skin!

Here's Raine with all her ribbons:

And last, but definitely not the least, a huge shout out to Japa:

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, Japa!!!

I know, not exactly the 40th birth year celebration we envisioned, cheering on the kiddos at a swim meet, but I promise I'll make it up to you. How? No idea, hehehehehehehe. Suggestions are welcome! :)

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