Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rounding Up January

I'm taking a cue from Katie the Scrapbook Lady and will TRY and be faithful in doing my Monthly Round Up for every month this year. I was pretty good last year, but I stumbled major time towards the last quarter I think (maybe even before).

But hey, new year, first month, new resolution. I hope. Keeping my fingers crossed! Hehehe.

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Hmm....I'm afraid I had *just* come to the conclusion that I absolutely NEED to start reading again. I've been floundering for words whenever the kids and I (or Japa and I) would discuss things; I'd vainly search for a word in my mind, most of the time coming short. So yes, I have GOT to start reading something --anything-- again!
What movies and/or tv shows did I watch this month?
Offhand, all I can think of is MONK. All seasons so far, hehehehe. I am LOVING Tony Shalhoub, too! I also like Wizards of Waverly Place --- I know, totally kiddie, or tweeny (?), but it's just such a refreshing tv show. And of course, I can't not mention ALL the different CSIs. Love them all!
A single movie this month: Bride Wars. I watched this with the girls and it was quite entertaining.
What special days did I celebrate and how?
Let's see. New Year's Day was spent in the States. Although we didn't do anything special, it was made memorable because we were complete as a family again. Not having Dad in the house for the Christmas countdown was bittersweet; it was great he had spent the whole day at home and that he would be getting another day pass for Christmas Day, but it was still different. It wasn't tradition. So for New Year, it was just a GREAT feeling overall to have Dad home at last. He was discharged the day before New Year. And the family started the year right: complete.

Chinese New Year was celebrated by just eating out. At Causeway. Dimsum and a plethora of Chinese food.
What gifts did I give and/or receive?
We had some "leftover" gifts from Christmas when we arrived. And the gifts of the office staff are STILL in my closet. Yet to be given away. Gulp! This is a wake up call, for sure, to have THAT done! Hehehehe.
What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
It was the month of pins and needles, numbness and swelling of the hands. The hypersensitive feeling I had on my upper legs was enough to spur me to visit a neurologist and my endocrinologist. I had a nerve test done, which basically announced that I had slight carpal tunnel syndrome in both my wrists. My legs? Nothing to be concerned about. My back? Just a little bit of twinge when they stuck in that needle during the nerve test, but otherwise it's fine.

I also had a TON of bloodwork done, which I passed with flying colors. ALL my numbers were right smack in the middle of the NORMAL ranges. For everything. Hah! Yes, I'm all smug about those numbers, and proud of them! At least I now have my baseline numbers. Just in time, too, since I turn 40 this year :)
What fun things did I do with my friends and/or family?
It was a busy month to have fun, hahahaha. I remember watching Monk with the girls, and Ranger had his Father-Child Day for school. Japa went, along with Rogan and Raine and if the number of photographs were an indication, they had a blask.
What new foods, recipes or restaurants did I try this month?
Well, not exactly new, but I did make some spam sushi for the kiddos, as well as spam musubi. It came out pretty good and we ate sooooo much rice for that particular homemade meal!
What special or unusual purchases did I make?
We bought a new car!!! Finally! We settled on the Suburban, a blue LT and it is a monstrous beauty! We named him Rex. Yup, definitely a boy's name for this vehicle!
What were my accomplishments this month?
I scrapped 29 pages :)
Anything else noteworthy to record?
I had my hair chopped off!!! Ten whole inches! I've got a new look :)
I've also resigned from a couple of Creative Teams.
My Word of the Year: WORK. And so far I'm sticking to it! )


The kids were off to their first "gimmick" of the year. They had their post-Christmas swimming party, along with the other younger kids from the team. The day started with training, then brunch at Teriyaki Boy, then the whole day was spent wandering about in Bonifacio High Street. The older girls wove through the aisles of Fully Booked while the boys and Rielle and Sara played games at Time Zone.

When Rogan's money ran out, we took him home, along with Raine and Rielle. Raegan stayed on to catch a movie (Beverly Hills Chihuahua or something like that) and didn't come home 'til about 9 pm! Sheesh! And they're just kids! Hehehehe.

Oh well. At least they had a blast....and I got a haircut :) A whopping TEN inches off! Sorry, no photo yet. As usual, I'm too lazy to download from the camera. Besides, I think Lai has some of the better pics in her camera :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

I Couldn't Help Myself....

...The fabulously talented Kate Hadfield had an awesome too-good-to-pass-up 40% off sale at her store and I picked up some of the cutest stuff I've been eying:

Now tell me that those weren't SO worth it!!! When will I use them? I have NO idea, but they were just too cute to pass up! Probably on the kids' First Year Books for the Sisterhood Challenge...we'll see. I can't wait to play with them though!

I scrapped quite a few pages today, here are a couple:


Go ahead and click on the images to leave me some love! :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I know. I made up a new verb, hehehehe. I was practically on Photoshop the whole day today! At work, it was open to do Rate Sheets for columbarium stuff. A LOT of stuff. You would think my eyes would be crossing over from being in front of the computer the whole time, but noooooo! Of course I *still* have the strength to keep them open to scrap.

Nothing finished tonight, unfortunately, although I have a couple of in-progress pages. We got home late tonight, spending an hour or so at the wake of Jerome's stepdad. He had passed from his battle with colon cancer. His journey began 2 years ago when he was diagnosed. I'm not sure if he had an operation, but he had aggressive chemotherapy treatments. He went to Stanford and to Singapore for these. While in Singapore, he almost died because apparantly, your body can't be TOO weak in order to get chemo. Maybe the chemo dose or formula was too strong? I don't know.

Condolence and sympathies to Jerome and family. Prayers going out for your stepdad and for you guys.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Day, Another Doctor

I seem to be on a health streak of some sort. That, or maybe I'm just determined to have all my baseline numbers in. Take your pick.

I went to see Dr Mike Villa, an endocrinologist. I asked him about why my thyroid numbers had seemed to normalize. I had always thought that once you got started on medicines for either hypo or hyperthyroidism, you took it forever.

My thyroid numbers had some movement, especially when I was pregnant. But I've been off the the meds for a few months now and I'm fine. I thought there was something wrong with me that could've been brought on by some movement in my thyroid numbers, but there was nothing. Everything was NORMAL.

Oh, and despite the fact that I hate, hate, HATED his medical scale (it was TEN pounds more than usual, I swear!!!), at least it did show on record that I had lost 10 pounds or so when I saw him last.....about 10 months ago.

Dr Villa was obviously HAPPY that I looked good, that I had lost that weight. He said a little bit more.....and prescribed me my Duromine. Yup, happy camper I am, hahahaha! But get this, the good doctor told me that we're going to set my goal weight as.....are you ready for this.......




............he wanted my goal weight to be A HUNDRED AND TEN POUNDS!!!! That's 110 pounds in numbers.

Ok. You can pick yourself off the floor after you've laughed your head off.

I swear, if I hadn't been SHOCKED when he said that, I probably would've reached out and given him a shakedown. Was he absolutely OUT OF HIS MIND?????

Holy COW! Someone chop off HALF my body right now. Then we'll probably be lucky to get that number. My goodness!

His reasoning? Always set a goal that's very lofty, so that when you get even just half of that, you'll be satisfied.

Oooookay. Whatever. I'm more of a realist, so I told him, nah...I'm aiming for 20 pounds, 30 if I push it (which I'm not).

110. *can you see me shaking my head and rolling my eyes*

Anyhoo, I scrapped:


How much weight do YOU need to lose? Bwahahahaha!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

At the Site for a Few Hours

Office at the site today. For a few hours, at least.

Stella and Tyler arrived this morning. So we met for lunch at Ponzo's. Zhar was at the DFA getting a new passport, Bang was at Galleria. Japa wasa able to meet us though.

Reminder to everyone: do NOT let Lai do the ordering!! Holy Moly, she ordered soooo much (not THAT much), we were stuffed beyond stuffed! Hehehe. I had to cancel my cheese steak sandwich because we had paella, pasta, korean beef stew, gambas and salpicao! Can anyone say HUNGRY?? (we were, too!)

Some scraps I got done late at night:


Off to finish up my Monk DVDs.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

Or...Kung Hei Fat Choi!!! (there are a host of other spellings and pronunciations for the Chinese New Year, this is the one that I know...whatever dialect it is, lol!)

This snippet from Wikipedia gives a background as to how this celebration came about:
According to tales and legends, the beginning of Chinese New Year started with the fight against a mythical beast called the Nian or "Year" in Chinese. Nian would come on the first day of New Year to devour livestock, crops, and even villagers, especially children. To protect themselves, the villagers would put food in front of their doors at the beginning of every year. It was believed that after the Nian ate the food they prepared, it wouldn’t attack any more people. One time, people saw that the Nian was scared away by a little child wearing red. The villagers then understood that the Nian was afraid of the color red. Hence, every time when the New Year was about to come, the villagers would hang red lanterns and red spring scrolls on windows and doors. People also used firecrackers to frighten away the Nian. From then on, the Nian never came to the village again.
Explains some things, eh?

We didn't do anything exciting to celebrate the Chinese New Year. With the exception of Bang, none of us are true blue (red?) Chinese. But hey, we still look on it as an excuse to eat out! Which we did, at Causeway.

It's a time to look at all our horoscopes for the coming year, depending on your zodiac animal sign.

Wondering what your sign is? Check this chart:

Ours are the following:


Get ready for an outstanding year. Aside from the Snake, the Rooster has the best prospects in the year of the Ox. This is the kind of year you have been waiting for, as everything seems to go your way. You have been diligently working towards some long term goals that finally come together this year. Your relations are felt at new levels, as you find a sense of satisfaction that you may not have experienced in a long time. Things you may have thought not possible will become a reality for you in this positive year.

Rooster Rating - 72% (10 favorable and 2 neutral months)

Rooster Career

Determination and diligence are two key aspects that put the Rooster over the top this year. 2009 is a year that you should promote yourself: Your ideas and your talents will be highly regarded and you will be recognized for past and present efforts. Give it your best this year and seize any opportunity that presents itself. This year will certainly be a landmark for years to come, as you will remember it as one of your most productive times in your life.

Rooster Relationships

Domestic matters will fare well for the Rooster this year. You will find comfort in the support and encouragement of family members and friends alike. Seek advice from your seniors, as they may provide information that opens doors to areas that are not known. The social life for the Rooster is a busy schedule. You will enjoy the company of others in many social functions and parties. Romance is highly favorable for the unattached Rooster, so flaunt your feathers.

Rooster Health

Health issues are minor for the Rooster this year. Though exercise and diet are not an issue, you may have a problem maintaining the discipline of a steady routine. Take the time to get the exercise you need and everything should work out fine for you. Being somewhat of a risk taker, you may want to try something new that holds your interests. Consider surfing orparasailing to indulge your fancy.

Rooster Wealth

This a great year financially for the Rooster. If you have any available funds, you may want to reinvest it in your work. This could prove to be highly favorable and you will reap the benefits in your return. One key issue is your spending habits. Make sure you don't spend the money before it is in the bank or this could pose a problem with your budget. Receive professional advice for any large investments in areas that you are unfamiliar.

* * *

Tiger Overview

From the outset, 2009 may present some true challenges for the Tiger. The year of the Ox presents an overwhelming influence upon the Tiger to maintain a steady and well disciplined pace. That is not to say that there won't be opportunities for achievement, but it would be more precise to say that this is a year that would benefit the Tiger in the areas of experience and possibly lay a solid foundation for the year to come. You will have to be resourceful and rely on your boldness and quick wit to ascertain anything in the year of the Ox.

Tiger Rating - 27% (3 neutral and 9 unfavorable months)

Tiger Career

It would be beneficial to be cautious and careful when it comes to career decisions in the year of the Ox. It would be wise to be aware of the views of those around you, as this is not a year to be too independent in your actions or take any unnecessary risks. Be persistent in your responsibilities to impress others, as this will lead to progress towards your future. For the Tiger seeking a career change, tread through the rough spots and your relentless efforts will be rewarded in surprising ways.

Tiger Relationships

The Tiger's relationship may be one of the more favorable areas this year. You can look forward to some happy times with your loved one this year. Though your domestic life may be busy, it can bring you much satisfaction. Be aware of the fact that those around you hold you in high regard and you may not want to jeopardize these relations by your independence or by being too stubborn. Pay attention to the thoughts and feelings of others in your life and everything should work out well for you.

Tiger Health

The Tiger will not have any serious health problems this year, but there may some minor issues that you may want to pay attention or they could become much worse than originally anticipated. One area of concern is stress. There may be some situations this year that could escalate your stress levels and you may want to find some ways to alleviate this issue. The Tiger enjoys outdoor activities and this could provide an outlet to relieve your stress.

Tiger Wealth

Take caution when it comes to your finances this year, as it is not a time to speculate or take any unnecessary risks. Plan your large purchases carefully and avoid impulse buying. The best advice is to monitor your spending throughout the year and you won't have any problems. This may sound like simple advice, but due to your generous nature, it may not be as simple as it sounds.

* * *

Rabbit Overview

The past year may have provided the Rabbit with many challenges and difficult situations, but this year will be a relief. The Rabbit has a very favorable outlook this year. Though it is not part of your usual plan, you may find that being assertive and bold will allow you to achieve unforeseen success. Your attraction to the finer life may lead you to living it. Personal relations are of great value to the Rabbit and will be emphasized throughout the year. Put your best foot forward in the year of the Ox and you will reap many benefits and rewards.

Rabbit Rating - 67% (7 favorable and 5 neutral months)

Rabbit Career

This year is one of change. Though the Rabbit is not prone to taking risks, you may benefit greatly from taking bold new steps in finding the career you desire. Complacency in your current job could lead you to such actions. September and October are two months that are favorable for a change. You may want to seek a position that allows you to utilize your social skills and your abilities to relate to people on a personal level. Set your sights high and you will get what you want in this highly favorable year.

Rabbit Relationships

The Rabbit's family and friends will be a source of great pleasure for the you this year. They will offer support, encouragement and will be the wellspring for meaningful and enjoyable times. Personal relations are held in high regard and could be taken to a new level. Rabbits seeking new friends or romance should make an added effort to go out more and come in contact with others-you will be well rewarded for your efforts.

Rabbit Health

The Rabbit should not encounter any major health issues this year, but you may want to take precautions during certain times of the year. The Rabbit's sensitive constitution may leave you vulnerable to colds and flu during the winter months. You may want to get a flu shot during this time and make sure that you get plenty of rest to avoid any setbacks

Rabbit Wealth

The Rabbit should enjoy a new level of wealth. If you are inspired to make a career change, this will prove to be a successful venture financially. You will be particularly pleased with some of your purchases this year, as many could relate to redecorating or changing the appeal of your home. Beware of any risky investments and continue to do the things that accumulate your level of savings.

* * *
Dragon Overview

The year of the Ox may slightly hinder the Dragon's independent spirit. There will be gains, but you may have to adapt to situations with different strategies than your usual style. There are three favorable months to provide periods of substantial progress and you would do well to take notice of these times and make the most of the opportunities offered. You will have many situations socially that provide great joy throughout the year. The single Dragon will be happy to know that romance is favored this year, so you may find someone to share your experiences. Be conservative in your spending or it could result in problems next year.

Dragon Rating - 67% (3 favorable and 4 neutral and 5 unfavorable months)

Dragon Career

The Dragon's career may be one of the more positive aspects of the year. This will be a year of reasonable progress. Even though the Dragon may have some distinct ideas on what you want to accomplish, 2009 will disclose conditions that you will have to adapt and overcome. You may have to adapt and work with others to gain what you want, rather than doing things in your own independent style. With care and effort, you can make considerable progress and improve your position, but your true gains will be with experience and skills you acquire this year that will prove invaluable in the future.

Dragon Relationships

The Dragon is a social creature and you will invariably relish in the company of others adding enjoyment and pleasure throughout the year. Your family life will offer the support and encouragement you need. You will have to pay attention to your family members feelings by using tact and discretion in vulnerable situations. By not doing so could deteriorate close relations. There will be a number of occasions that will allow you to add to your circle of friends. The single Dragon will be pleased to know that romance is favored.

Dragon Health

The Dragon has an active spirit and it is important that you involve yourself in a number of physical activities to maintain your health. You enjoy being outdoors and you might want to get involved with something that tests your skills and provides a change of scenery, such as rock climbing or hiking. Failure to remain active could result in added stress and emotional swings that could effect your work, as well as your personal life.

Dragon Wealth

The Dragon would do well to pull in the reins on lavish spending and take a more conservative approach this year. You may want to avoid any risky ventures or speculative investments in the year of the Ox. Failure to take care and caution this year could result in future problems. Keep a close watch on your financial situation throughout the year and you may find that you will have times when you can make purchases that coincide with your budget.

* * *

Monkey Overview

This year offers the Monkey some opportunities to go far with your talents. The Monkey's generous nature may leave you stretched in several different directions, so it is important to stay focused in order to achieve the goals you have set for yourself this year. You will be given the opportunity to impress the right people both in business, as well as in your personal life. Don't hold back this year, for this could be one that will leave an impression over the course of the next few years.

Monkey Rating - 49% (4 favorable and 5 neutral and 3 months)

Monkey Career

Great strides can be made in your career this year. Timing is everything and in your case, time is on your side. You will be in the right place at the right time to impress the decision makers in your career. The steady Ox rewards those with strong work ethics and the Monkey will surely reap the benefits of your labor. Don't hesitate to do anything that will aid your skills and benefit your position.

Monkey Relationships

This could be a busy year for you domestically. Look to your family for the encouragement and support you need. On the same token, it is important for you to listen and heed the advice of those who care. Your social life is active filled with plenty of opportunities to make new friends. Don't forget the ones that have been with you through the rough times, as it is just as important to offer your time with your existing relations.

Monkey Health

Take note that there are several high points to your year. With such a busy social year, you may stretch yourself thin with your health. Be aware of your energy levels throughout the year, as you may need some added rest to counter your affairs. It would be wise to take an active part in your health, taking up a new form of exercise that follows your interests: martial arts or dancing are two good possibilities.

Monkey Wealth

This could be a great year for the Monkey financially. You will possibly make great gains in this area throughout the year. Due to your generous nature, you may have a difficult time refraining from giving to others. Be mindful of this and make sure you give to yourself every once in a while because you deserve it.

* * *


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Swimming, Camping, Scrapping

Activity-filled day today!

1. Swimming - Since we went to mass yesterday, we planned on going swimming Sunday morning. Not to be dissuaded, I called and texted Rod and Zhar to see if they were still coming along, as planned. Good thing they were up; we had planned to meet at 10 am.

Yes, not a great time to go swimming because of the sun's rays, but the kids had mentioned that the water in the Ayala pool was freezing! We weren't going to take that chance; besides none of us were scared of getting some color in the process.

The kids of course, being the water babies they are, joined us. Japa, Rod and I finished the 24 laps we needed to do for the Ateneo Aquathlon. Zhar did 20 I think. We were the only ones in the pool, so we put the entire area to use: we emulated the aquathlon by swimming in ALL lanes (although the Ayala pool had only 6 lanes as opposed to Ateneo's 8). It made a big difference to me because I didn't need to count at all, hehehe.

At the beginning of the swim, I was cussing myself, thinking that I wouldn't be able to finish the entire thing at all. The water felt so heavy, my ARMS felt heavy! But as I got into the swing of things, it became easier, thank God! Hehehe. Besides, pride was pushing me too, I didn't want to quit in front of the kiddos, you know! I finished 24 laps in 20 minutes. Not bad for doing it for the first time since......last year. Hahahahaha!

The run will be a different story. I know I'm just going to DIE when I do that. I have yet to train for running the 5k! Yuck! Any ideas?

After our laps, the kids pleaded for us to do some relays with them. And we had the bright idea of teaming up the adults (Rod, Zhar and moi) AGAINST the kids (Raegan, Rogan and Raine). NOT that fair of a team-up, I think! Hehehe. But we did give them a run for their money, at least in the freestyle:

The kids had Raegan, Raine then Rogan. For us it was Rod (we wanted to demoralize them early on.....yeah right!), Zhar then me. Rod did beat Raegan, but only by a few meters. Zhar dove into the pool first...a good few lengths ahead of Raine. And then I really looked at her....her arms were sooooo slow, especially when compared to Raine's! Hehehehe, sorry Zhar! As they passed the halfway mark, I was screaming for Zhar to go. Raine was swimming like she had sharks on he tail, she was fast gaining on Zhar! Aaaargh!

I pushed from the wall a tad bit earlier than Rogan.....and must have breathed only TWICE in the whole damn 25 meter length! To top it off, I was ticked off that I saw Rogan LOOK ----LOOK!!!--- at me while he was swimming, to check out where I was in relation to him, the little bugger! Grrrr! Yes, sad to say, he beat me by close to a body length. Hmp! *grumble grumble*

Then the kids had a not-so-bright-idea to mix up the strokes. We were to do butterfly, breast and then free. We should NEVER have agreed to do it! I did fly...against Rogan. And here I was, feeling proud of myself that I was keeping up with Raegan! Hahahahaha! Yes, Mama was dreaming! When I realized it was Rogan who was ahead of me, I started laughing, and got a slight cramp. I stopped with about 5 meters to go, and sputtering, yelled at Zhar to just dive. Hehehehe. Needless to say she never caught up with Raine. And I don't think Rod waited for Zhar to touch the pool before he pushed off, gunning for Raegan. He stopped because he was laughing; apparently, he had tried to reach for Raegan's FOOT to stop her, but he missed.

Bwahahahaha! Yup, the kids are stronger and faster, that's for sure!

2. Camping - It was Father-Child Day at Child's Place, so Ranger, Papa AND Rogan and Raine went to Antipolo. Raegan and I went to the parlor where I got a foot spa and Raegan had a trim (so that she could hot iron her hair everyday if need be).

Anyway, the kids had a blast at Alpadi where they went rappeling, of all things! Even Ranger was a daredevil! That was pretty much all they did in the 2-hour activity. I know, camping for 2 hours. Whatever. But after a few games, Japa prodded the kids to go because he was tired. Hehehe. At least he got some great photos of the kids rappeling down the wall. Sorry, no pics now, they're all in the camera still.

3. Scrapping - Well of course I took advantage of the few hours of peace and quiet to scrap. I finished Ranger's 8th month. Raine's will have to wait, unfortunately, since her pictures haven't been scanned yet. Sigh. Another thing to put on my to do list. So 3 down and 1 more to go, pending the scanning, for The Sisterhood Challenge! Woot!


And how was YOUR day? :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Continuing the Sisterhood Challenge...

Elizza send out a message asking---demanding---to know whether we had any intentions of finishing up the baby books of the kids. It *has* been AGES since any of us have done a page for the Books, and we were soooo behind!

At least, I was. But that message of Lai's spurred me into action:



Two down, 2 more to go!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Shopping for Cars

Ahhhh, the world of cars. As a normal female, I can tell you I could care less about a vehicle's features. Sure, I like the basics: air-conditioning, options for music (this means a radio, hehehe), power windows, automatic transmission, and power-steering. Oh, and an SUV would be nice since it's been a tried and true thing for me, especially in this country of flooding. :)

But ask me about the engine, the wheels, the chassis, the seats? I don't even look at those things, really! For me, just as long as it goes and I can drive it (see basics above), I'm fine.

Now, our little family isn't so little anymore. For the longest time, Japa and I have been considering getting a new (or gently-used) car that'll fit all of us comfortable WITH trunk space. Sasha the Everest was peachy when the kids were in their older toddler years. Now, Ranger's the toddler and the others aren't. can just picture us in the Everest squooshed in. Thrown in 1 driver and 1 yaya, and you've got a car of sardines. Fat sardines, with the exception of Japa and Ranger.

Hahahaahha! I can't get the picture of that from my head!!! Can you???

Anyway, we've narrowed down our search to 3 vehicles:

1. First up, our "bugaw" car, the Chrysler C300:

The C300 is one of the few cars that Japa and I agreed on. We both like the look of it, basically. And yes, I *know* our family's not going to fit in there, but it sure would look FINE when we have formal occasions, hehehe. I drove this car when Rod's car was brought to La Vista. Man oh man oh man! It drove like a DREAM! Like a Benz (no wonder, it shares the same chassis with some Mercedes model---like I would know that, if Bobby, the salesguy didn't mention it), but definitely NOT at the price of a Mercedes!

Rod got an excellent deal on his, but Japa wanted the Hemi C300. To me, they both looked EXACTLY the same. Japa made me go out to look at the Hemi to compare. Ok. The difference? The engine is supposedly more powerful, needed for a heavy car such as this one, there are 2 tailpipes instead of one (like I *CARE* about tailpipes!!!) and the leather was finer. The leather was finer. Yup, you read that right. Could I tell the difference? Nope!

2. Next, the Suburban:

When we were in the States, we were all set to purchase a Suburban and have it shipped here. But for some inane reason, GM (yes, the company that's about to go bankrupt and is waiting for bailout from the government) would NOT sell us the car?!?! What the??? I have NO idea why, but oh well.

We like this car for one main reason: the SIZE!!! Look at this baby!
Now, don't ask me about those model numbers there, I just got this pic off the internet. You think I can tell you the difference between the models?!? I seriously doubt it!

This car is a monster. Our entire family can fit in this car, including a yaya and maybe a driver....if Japa or I decide to let someone else drive it, hehehe. And the trunk space, oh the trunk space! Can someone say HUGE?

Another great thing about the suburban is, even if it runs on regular gas (as opposed to diesel), the engine is a technological wonder: if the car thinks your driving doesn't deserve a V-8 engine, it'll switch down to a 4-cylinder one! Cool huh? Yes, I listen to the salesperson's explanations you know! So aside from the size, the fuel-efficient engine is a definite plus.

The major downside to getting the Suburban? The PRICE!!! Ack!

3. Last car we're considering is the Hyundai Starex:

Not a winner in terms of looks, but man is it roomy inside! Even the back seats can move forward OR backward, depending on how much leg room you want! That is a major plus in favor of this car! The second row can also swivel...look at how much room this van has! Comfortable seats 8, maybe 9, but I count 8 seatbelts, how about you?

The starex has some great trunk space as well, which is what we're looking for, ultimatel y. With the kids' activities, they've got mountains of stuff they need to stuff in the trunk: Raine's taekwondo equipment (helmet, pads), Rogan's guitar for Kids' Band, and the kids' swimming stuff: fins, pull buoys, goggles, towels, toiletries....and the list goes on.

So there you have it. What car would YOU choose?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Health Test Results Are In

I picked up the test results for my blood work and my nerve tests today and........

My blood results all indicate that I am one very HEALTHY individual!!! Sure, considering my weight and my size, ALL my doctors here automatically assume that I have diabetes and high cholesterol at the very least. HMP!!!! In their faces! Hahahaahahaha!

I am so healthy, all my numbers are right smack in the middle of all reference ranges. That's how healthy I am! On the inside at least. Let's not go into back problems for now please, hehehe.
My fasting sugar? Normal.
Triglycerides? Normal.
Good cholesterol? Normal.
Bad cholesterol? Normal.
Hemoglobin count? Normal.
White blood cells? Normal.
Thryoid stuff - TSH, T3, T4? Normal.
Creatinine? Normal.
Potassium? Normal.
Sodium? Normal.
Normal, normal, normal! So at least I have a baseline of sorts for when I get older. Hehehehe. At 39, I guess I *better* have baseline numbers for reference!!!

To "celebrate", I ordered a very very BAD thing when Japa and I had lunch at Chili's. I had my old favorite: country fried steak. Yum yum yum!!! I *was* thinking of going healthy and ordering a salad just to feel good, but what the heck! I totally went for the steak and I did NOT regret it! It was sooooooo delcioso!!! Lip-smackin' good, literally!

Hey, I'm entitled!!! :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Working Productively

.....or so I hope :). I've been working steadily on a number of things here at the Site and am taking a break. Storage areas, airconditioners, personnel, uniforms, maintenance equipment......a whole gamut of stuff! Sigh! But hey, I'm enjoying myself actually. Sort of.

Thank goodness we have internet here in the office now; at least I can take a break every now and then to check on email, download stuff, and update my blog :) Yup, somehow when my CTs decide to come out with new products, they more or less come at the same time and I have to download everything! At least that can be done in the background while I type away at Excel and Word.

And Photoshop in a few minutes, yeah! No, not to scrap, well sort of not to scrap in the truest sense of the word. I AM scrapping, but for office stuff. Trying to finish the rate sheets that Boydee wanted out since last year, hehehe. I told him creativity really couldn't be rushed! And it's true. There are times when I *want* and *need* to scrap but if there's no mojo, there's no mojo. It can't be forced! I've spent hours trying to WILL the creativity to come, but it's a useless exercise, really. Creativity will just come to you, yes?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nerve Test

Nerve test? Sounds scary eh? Medically known as EMG and NCV tests. I *think* those letters mean Electromagnetic and Nerve Conduction Velocity tests. Oooookay. You woozie yet? Don't worry, no blood or anything gory like that. I was just made to lie down ---quite comfortably, too!--- on my back and then on my tummy while the technician put this instrument that looked like a huge battery with 2 short antennae sticking out on top on certain points on my body.

What the thing does is zap some sort of current and measures how my nerves react, their speed and strength. Or something like that. It was relatively painless, but there were some moments when my arm or my leg would jerk hard enough that I was scared I would involuntarily KICK or slap the technician, hehehe. But she was adept at what she was doing and the session went fine.

After the nerves, it was time to test the muscles. A neurologist came in and STUCK ---yup, you read that right!!!--- this uber-thin NEEDLE into whatever part of mybody that had to be tested! If I were leery of needles, I'd probably have fainted in a dead, heavy heap!

As it was, I concentrated (while doing crosswords, mind you) on where the needle was stuck in and tried to imagine what the monitor of the machine looked like. The needles "read" the muscles and translated the reading into sounds. I could hear the sounds and they were very similar to how our baby's heartbeat sounds when they're still in the womb. If it weren't for the dang needle, it would have been cool!

Now I almost screamed for the doctor to take out her needle when she stuck it into my lower back area. Yes, where my slipped discs were. They had asked me where my herniated discs where, but I told them I couldn't remember if it was the right or left side. All I know is that the discs in question were L-3, L-4 and S-1. That's all I could tell the technician and the doctor.

Well I found out soon enough what SIDE waas affected! Ugh! Curled in a fetal position so that the doctor could insert the needle into my back better, I didn't flinch when I felt the needle. But then I started to feel cold with dread when I *FELT* a wave of pain inch slowly from the middle of my spine towards the right side. I wanted to scream and threaten the doctor that if her sticking the needle into my back made my back hurt all over again, I'd sue her ass off! Grrrr!

But of course I didn't. I had to be still as a mouse otherwise that damn needle might break or hit a nerve or something and I'd be in a worse situation than before. Slightly panicky by now, I tensed up when she put the needle on my left side. Thankfully, the wave of dull pain subsided from my right and just sort of kept at bay on the left side. So yeah, it was my right side that my slipped discs affected. Hmp!

On the way to the office, I kept concentrating on and flexing the muscles in my lower back to see if the pain was completely gone. Just to check, hehehe. Thankfully, everything was fine. Whew!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Blood Tests

I woke up bright and early and remembered NOT to eat OR drink.I had to have fasted for 12 hours before having my blood taken for several tests that the doctor had ordered.

So off I went to Medical City, getting there before 9 am. Good thing, too. Apparently, people here really don't like getting up early to do things, in general. While not exactly empty, I was able to put in my request, pay (a whopping P8,000 plus!!!), and do a few crossword puzzles before my number was called.

Five minutes later, with a bandage in the crook of my elbow, I walked out of the lab and straight into Starbucks for much needed nourishment. Like a mocha frap would give so much, hahahaha!

I have a few layouts to share, that I wasn't able to upload yesterday:

That last layout of Ranger and his pet for the weekend, Pikachu the turtle, was hurriedly done because I had to put photos of Ranger in the class folder detailing what he had done to and for the class pet turtle. If you know me, I totally CHAFED at slapping on just photos on that blank sheet of paper! Hahahahaha! So yes, I layout just HAD to be created specifically for the occasion! :) I think it turned out pretty well :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Leisurely Sunday

Since we went to mass last night, we enjoyed Sunday morning immensely. Japa rowed in the pool, the kids lounged in their pajamas playing DS, on the computer, watched Monk with me. We stayed in our jammies until we had to get up, shower and get dressed for lunch at La Vista. Grudgingly, at that, hehehehe. None of us wanted to move from our spots!

But I had confirmed that we were going to have lunch in La Vista with Lola, so off we went. A few minutes after lunch, though, we were saying our goodbyes, as we wanted to catch the 1:40 pm showing of Bride Wars. Chicks watching a chick flick: Raegan, Raine, Reese, Zhar and me.

Movie Summary: Liv and Emma are best friends who since childhood have planned every detail of their respective weddings. At the top of their bridal "must have" list: a ceremony at New York's ultimate bridal destination, the Plaza Hotel. Now, at age 26, they're both about to get married; they're about to realize their dreams; and they're about to live happily ever after. Or maybe not. When a clerical error causes a clash in wedding dates--they're now to be married on the same date!--Liv, Emma and their lifelong friendship are put to the ultimate test. Liv, a successful lawyer who is used to getting what she wants, including the perfect job and the perfect man, won't settle for anything less than the perfect wedding she has dreamed of for years. Emma, a schoolteacher who has always been good at taking care of others, but not so much in looking after herself, discovers her inner Bridezilla and comes out swinging when her own dream wedding is imperiled. Now, the two best friends who'd do anything for each other find themselves in a no-holds-barred, take-no-prisoners struggle that threatens to erupt into all-out war.

It was an ok movie. Touching at times, funny for the most part. I could totally see Reese and Raegan as Liv and Emma. Not the fighting part, but the closeness part and the sentimentality part :). I was getting teary-eyed towards the end (apparantly, so was Zhar), but these dang kids looked at us and asked in this incredulous tone, "are you crying?!???" Sheesh! Talk about a real tear-stopper! Hahahahaha!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Scrapping Day

I had the morning all to myself, pretty much. The kids were up early to go to swimming, and Japa went with them. After swimming, they went straight to Kumon, which gave me another hour of peace and quiet in the house, hehehe.

Watching Monk and scrapping, that's pretty much all I did today. That, and getting pissed that my hands are getting numb and all prickly. Not to mention the fact that my thighs are ultra-sensitive to any touch right now. I have NO idea why this is happening....maybe because I'm going to turn 40 this year?!?!? Hehehe. Oh well. I did go see Dra Bitanga yesterday, and she prescribed a nerve test (NCV and EMG) and a plethora of blood work to be done. Talk about everything! Whatever type of blood work you can name, she probably wrote it down!

The doctor did say that there was nothing neurologically wrong with me, as far as she could tell. But because I was complaining of my hands going numb and feeling like they were 6 inches thick and the hypersensitivity of my thighs, she said she was going to recommend the nerve testing for me. She asked me my baseline numbers for cholesterol, thyroid, and other CBC stuff and I told her I didn't have any. Hehehehe. Yup, at almost-40 and I have nothing to show for it! So she whipped out her prescription pad and scribbled all these acronyms for blood tests.

So from thyroid to kidneys and liver and everything in between, she wrote it down. I asked her why my liver, she said it was because of the diet pill I was on now and from before. Hey, a girl has to lose weight somehow, right? Oh and she kept asking me if I had diabetes, to which I said no, I'm just a big gal! Hmp!

Oh well. My numbing hands notwithstanding, I scrapped.



Friday, January 16, 2009


Well, this week certainly went by fast!

I multi-tasked: I scrapped while watching Monk. Oh, and I exercised today on the elliptical machine! Yay me! :)

Using some CT stuff (of course!). I have a TON of catching up to do!



Not bad, for a night's work! :)