Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Restaurant City, Anyone

Ok I admit it. I caved in. I had held out for the looooongest time I could....but the kids' incessant OBSESSION with this particular game on facebook was too hard to resist!


Presenting, my restaurant in Restaurant City:

I finally settled on Big Momma Meals, hahahaha! I also use that sign board to advertise to visiting clientele what particular ingredients I needed the most.

It is NOT an easy thing to set up, what with worries about chairs and tables, stoves, layouts, popularity rating, ingredients and gourmet points. The list seems endless! Sheesh! But after just a day or so of playing (errr....did I say PLAYING? hahahaha!) on RC, it was addicting.

Now I totally understand the kids. How they, upon arriving at a house with a computer, rush in the room, turn on the computer, log on to facebook---making sure they use different browsers so as NOT to slow down the game, lol ---"feed" their workers....before turning to us to say hi, sit down and regale us with tales of their day.


Just what I need most, another thing to keep me busy.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Becoming the Biggest Loser

Well, not IN the show, but at least STARTING a workout program. I coerced the kids, including Reese, to join me in the morning. They "reported" for exercise at 830ish am and we set up everything in the den which had the space to accommodate all 5 of us.

And we went right into......

Yup. We actually did it! Hehehehe. Obviously starting with Level 1, we followed Bob's instructions. And paid for it by the end of the day! Man, were my LEGS aching! My goodness! It hurt to walk down the stairs, to get up on the bed, to just move my legs! Sheesh! I guess that's what happens when we rarely use our muscles, LOL! Man!

And the sweat! Was it pouring down our faces and our bodies! Even the kids were sweating up a storm; Rogan stopped after the first few minutes and asked if he could just take off his shirt and exercise topless, hehehehe. Apparently, it worked because he didn't stop for the entire session, including the Biggest Loser Yoga! Whoa!

The only thing about all the sweating ---especially down the face--- is that pimples are most likely going to crop up. And with Raegan and Reese, that'll be another visit to the dermatologist for sure to get some acne treatment. I'm probably going to have to go too, if these pustules start popping all over my face! Blech!

After workout, I had to quickly shower and get to work....but I barely got any office work done because I was concentrating on fixing stuff for Lola's birthday trip to Singapore! Sigh!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Mother's Day!

This is me holding my Mother's Day gift:

Yup, an iPhone! Whoohooo!

I think I was making Japa edgy because I didn't rip apart the package first thing in the morning. Well, we woke up at 850 am and we decided to catch the 930 mass. Yeah. Hahahaha! But we made it in TIME! Whoohooo! Anyway, the packaging of my gift was pretty great! Totally creative, especially for Japa if you ask me. The pics are still in the camera; but I'll be scrapping those sometime soon, hehehehe.

After mass, I had my Mother's Day breakfast at Starbucks with the kiddos (sans Ranger) and Papa. It was relaxing and fun, with the kids eager to tell stories of what's been going on in their lives. Yes, we see them everyday, but for the past several days, they've been sleeping over at Apitong. Peace and quiet at home, but God only knows what a madhouse it probably is over at Lai's house! Bwahahaha!

After mass we headed over to Ayala where the kids spent a good part of the afternoon just cuddling the new puppies:

And here's the biggest "kid" of them all, playing with the puppies' mom:

Dinner was at some Japanese restaurant where we ate 'til we were stuffed!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the moms out there!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Parlor and Potter

We went to Louis Phillip Kee's salon at the Fort to have our hair done. Bang, Lai and moi. Bang and Elizza had some major hair stuff done, primarily coloring AND highlighting. That highlighting part was the killer in terms of waiting time, hehehehe. I had my roots colored, as well as some hot oil treatment done to moisturize my hair, what with the almost-daily routine of ironing!

Anyway, I brought the first Harry Potter book along (HP and the Sorcerer's Stone); yes, I intend to read everything again BEFORE the Half-Blood Prince shows in theaters. Just so I can FEEL the entire story and not get lost in all the storylines for the different characters before the movie comes :) WHY? It's me, hahahahaha! So if you're counting, you would be correct in computing that this will be the 8th time I'm reading the first book in the series.

Suffice it to say that I practically FINISHED the ENTIRE book waiting for Lai and Bang! More for Lai, since Bang was done earlier than Lai and we even had lunch at the nearby cafe! Hahahahaha! Yes, Elizza was in there for close to 5 hours!!!

I would have taken pics, but my poor phone had tons of pics and I had no spare sd memory cards on me, lol. I mean, Elizza got up no less than 4 or 5 times to have her hair shampooed! Bwahahahaha! And I thought I was going to take long with my haircut, my dye, my oil treatment! Of course, Lai had all that PLUS highlights and eyebrow threading hehehehe. Yeah, it must have been the threading that took an extra 3 hours or so :)

Ok. Book 1 down, on to Book 2!

It's Mother's Day tomorrow and I have absolutely NO time to make something. Sigh. Oh well. Next year :)